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  • I wanted to say how impressed I am with the hard red spring wheat. I milled it today and used my usual bread recipe. The dough was nice and firm yet soft. The loaves rose beautifully, so much so that I could have made a whole extra loaf! Wendy Kever
  • We like knowing the product is organic. When we grind the fresh grain, we appreciate the better quality and taste of the finished product. For example our fresh home-made waffles are full and tasty.
  • I am using Fieldstone whole grains in my bread and I'm selling out at the Farmers Market. I have the Duett 100 and grind my own flour. I am having a hard time keeping up with the demand for ancient grain breads. This is the only thing that sets me apart at the market. I make Kamut, Triticale, and Rye breads. (Artisan bread in about 5 minutes)
  • When I'm not home, my husband makes his own porridge. He has Muscular Dystrophy and he feels it sticks with him. We add pecans, cranberries, and dates. The nutty natural flavour is very fresh. It's really important to educate our children where our food comes from.
  • I've owned the Komo Duett 100 for about 2 years and actively use mixed grains for biscuits, breads and pastries. I like the taste of the fresh flours in the baking. The flaker works well for my fresh oats and flax. I keep it plugged in and handy as I use it a lot.
  • I am on a specialized diet and your soup mix tastes great plain or in a chilli. It provides me the protein I need. I love it and am buying a 20 kg. bag.
  • My husband and I are vegetarian and have always struggled to ensure we get complete and balanced protein in our diet. When we discovered quinoa at Fieldstone we learned it is a complete protein and have noticed a difference in our energy levels. We use it in everything! And we love that it's grown in western Canada.
  • My Dad eats the ultimate breakfast every morning and loves it. I was finding my breakfast left me hungry a few hours later. I am really active and so I was looking for something wholesome that would be satisfying. I started eating the breakfast flaked with hot water, yogurt and fruit and I was amazed at how good it tasted and how good it made me feel. I recommend it to all my friends and can't wait to eat it every morning!
  • I developed a wheat sensitivity a few years ago and recently a friend introduced me to Emmer. My wife and I love it and have made it a regular part of our meals. We find it very versatile and easy to digest. It makes a great side dish and emmer flour makes a nice nutty tasting bread.

Organic Golden Flaxseed

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A tiny creation of Nature, flax is turbo packed with many vital nutrients and energy boosters with impressive health benefits. A healthy way to add crunch and nutty taste to any dish.


  • Small, golden color and oval shape
  • Flax has been grown since the beginnings of civilization, and people all over the world have celebrated its usefulness throughout the ages. Historical records show Flax was cultivated in Babylon as early as 3000BC.
  • Lignans and alpha-linolenic acid (omega -3 fat) are found abundantly in flaxseed. While other plant seeds — corn, sunflower, peanuts — contain omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, flaxseed is the only one that contains so much of the essential omega-3 fatty acids. Population studies of diet and disease risk suggest an anticancer and cholesterol reducing role for these compounds. Long-term studies of flaxseed effects on cancer and immune disorders prevention are underway.
  • Flaxseed also stands out above other whole grains due to its mix of fibre. Rather than containing large amounts of one type of fibre, flaxseed contains generous quantities of both soluble and insoluble fibre.

    • Soluble fibre - Most of the soluble fibre in flaxseed is mucilage, a thick, sticky substance. Few studies have looked at the direct effects of flaxseed mucilage on health. But studies show that eating flaxseed (baked into muffins and breads) can lower blood cholesterol levels.

      Since it is well known that soluble fibres — fruit pectin, oat bran or mustard seed mucilage — are effective cholesterol-lowering agents, it's likely that the soluble fibre in flaxseed is no exception.

      Insoluble fibre - Not surprisingly, studies show that the insoluble fibre in flaxseed, like that in wheat bran, is helpful for regulating bowel movements and preventing constipation. Because flaxseed's insoluble fibre components have the capacity to hold water, they help soften the stool and allow it to move through the colon more quickly.

      Lignans - When bacteria in the digestive tract act on plant lignans these compounds are converted into potent hormone-like substances. Research with animals suggests that the newly formed compounds may be capable of blocking the action of certain cancer-causing substances in the body, substances that can contribute to the formation of tumours.
  • In addition, flax may lessen the severity of diabetes by stabilizing blood-sugar levels.
  • Brown and golden flax have virtually equivalent nutritional equality. So enjoy them both!

Lemon Pecan and Flax Pilaf

How to Enjoy

  • Mill flaxseed and balance your consumption of fatty acids by adding flax to your salads, smoothies, cereals, baked goods, almost anything! 1 Tbs of milled flax provides enough ALA to meet daily dietary requirements.  Grind a desired amount of flax seeds to a free-flowing granular consistency in a coffee bean grinder.
  • Add crunch and eye appeal to bread, pancakes, muffins or cookies by adding whole flaxseed.
  • Make your favorite granola, mixed cereal oatmeal or muesli with a generous proportion of flaxseed for great taste and a huge nutrition boost.
  • Replace the oil or shortening in a recipe with milled flax seed. If a recipe calls for 1/3 c of oil, use 1 c of milled flax to replace the oil — a 3:1 substitution ratio. When flax is used instead of oil, baked goods tend to brown more rapidly so cooking times may need to be adjusted.
  • Add to soups, casseroles, fillings in small quantities or more to taste. Flax will add flavor, richness and texture to any dish.


How to Prepare

  • For optimum freshness and nutrition, flax should be ground on demand. Flax should not be ground for storage due to it's susceptibility to going rancid.
  • A coffee bean grinder is recommended for milling flaxseeds.


To learn more please visit Storage Tips 


Our flaxseed is grown in Western Canada on healthy organic soils.

It is part of Fieldstone Granary's coordinated Organic Producer plan, where crops are grown within one degree of separation, according to the high standards of the Canadian Organic Regime. This way Fieldstone can assure a high level of purity and integrity of the grain.