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Organic Whole Grains

The source and quality of your food are important for your health and the environment.
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At Fieldstone Organics, we believe the very best we can do for our customers is to supply organic grains in their intact, whole kernel form.

A grain is only considered “whole” when it has the bran, germ, and endosperm intact. The bran and germ layers contain the fibre, vitamins and minerals in the kernel that are often removed from refined flour.  Though refined grains offer a great shelf life, they lack the natural nutritional value and fibre content of freshly milled, organic whole grains. 

We make organic whole grains readily available.

With the wide selection of whole grains we offer at Fieldstone Organics, you can find the right whole grains for you. The interesting part about whole grains is they can be consumed in their whole kernel form. Whether you chose to rinse and sprout them for use in salads and wraps or cook them to enjoy with a stir fry or part of your favourite breakfast cereal, there are a host of options to choose from.

The other advantage of purchasing whole grains is the options you have for future use. For proper storage (cool and dry), we recommend milling your whole grains into flour on demand with either a mill you already have or one of the mills available for purchase on our mills & flakers page.

Benefits of organic whole grains.


Enjoy them in their whole kernel form.

Whole grains can be soaked, sprouted, or cooked like a brown rice and used on salads, in soups, or as breakfast cereal.


Fresh is best.

When whole grains are stored in their whole kernel form and milled into flour on demand, you capture the most nutrition before oxidation.


Flavour & texture.

The flavour and texture you’ll experience with whole grains will become your new normal.  Whether whole grains are cooked and added to your salad or milled into flour and part of a muffin, each grain adds a flavour and texture experience unto itself.


Feel fuller.

The added fibre from whole grains will leave you feeling fuller longer. 


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