We provide valuable products for the farming community.

Seeds & Feed For Farmers



As a part of our active involvement in the organic supply chain, we also provide farmers with organic-based products for use in their own farming operation. From seed and feed to repurposed hulls, Fieldstone Organics can help meet your needs.


Sees and Feed for Farmers

Fieldstone can help you with your organic seed requirements for spring and fall, green manure and cover crops. We supply seed from local sources as well as an extensive network of organic seed suppliers.

We can supply you with seed for cereals, pulses and specialty seed crops . To date we have worked successfully with spelt, emmer, hard red wheat ,soft white wheat, Durum, Khorasan, oats, barley, rye, flax, alfalfa, clover, lentils, sunflowers, buckwheat, peas and beans.

We are continually expanding our offerings and looking for interesting new crops. Please contact our manager for cost, availability, and general information.

A note about our coordinated producer plan: We are interested in your organic crops from British Columbia. We began coordinating production with local growers in 2011 in order to match predicted demand from our market assessment with local production. This greatly facilitates getting your crop to an interested market. If you are interested in joining our coordinated production planning be sure to discuss this with our operations manager.


Great ways to benefit from our useful co-products

Our cleaning, hulling and sorting process creates useful co-products for animal feed. In selecting for whole grains all the weed seeds and cracked grains are separated and toted or bagged for animal feed.

The first pre-screening pass is used to make our popular product called chicken scratch. This is an economical supplementary feed primarily made up of weed seeds, under sized grains and inferior and voluntary grains for poultry that chickens love.

Further screenings and following de-hulling on some grains generates cracked grains that are also collected and offered for feed as 'Cracks'. This is a higher grade of feed and again offered at an economical price.

Quantities and availability vary based on our production schedule and what grains/ legumes/seeds we are running at any given time. So check in regularly to see what we have in stock!

Please note that we do not formulate any feed to specific feed standards at this time. We offer our feed at economical cost for recovery of our by-product streams to the benefit of farmers and the environment alike.


Our hulls are also offered for sale as bedding, nesting material and supplementary feed. We carry primarily cereal hulls (spelt, emmer, barley) and also occasionally oilseed hulls (sunflower, buckwheat).

Our hulls are priced at $300 per 30 cu yard truck load.


Note that we offer volume discounts and other types of cracks and hulls. Contact our manager for further details.

  Per 20 kg Bag Per 1 Tonne Tote

Chicken Scratch $16.00 $700.00 subject to availability

Hulls $  7.00 per bag

$75.00 each for One - Two totes

$60.00 each for three or more totes