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As a part of our active involvement in the organic supply chain, we use the by-product of our food grade products in an unformulated chicken scratch.  

While we aren't a certified seed company many of our products can be used as seed and are often purchased for cover crops and wheatgrass.

Organic Chicken Scratch

Organic Chicken Scratch

Our popular product called chicken scratch is a useful by-product from the cleaning, hulling and sorting process of our whole grains, legumes and seeds. This unformulated, supplementary feed option is composed of small grains, cracks and voluntary grains. Chicken scratch is uncleaned and might include wheat, flax, lentils, peas or corn. 


Sees and Feed for Farmers

Fieldstone can help you with your organic seed requirements for spring and fall, green manure and cover crops. 

We can supply you with seed for cereals, pulses and specialty seed crops . To date we have worked successfully with spelt, emmer, hard red wheat ,soft white wheat, Durum, Khorasan, oats, barley, rye, flax, lentils, buckwheat and peas.

Please contact us for cost, availability, and general information.

A note about our coordinated producer plan: We are interested in your organic crops from British Columbia. We began coordinating production with local growers in 2011 in order to match predicted demand from our market assessment with local production. This greatly facilitates getting your crop to an interested market. If you are interested in joining our coordinated production planning be sure to discuss this with our general manager.




  Per 20 kg Bag Per 1 Tonne Tote

Chicken Scratch $19.00 $775.00 subject to availability