Our Team



Fieldstone Organics is a group of individuals drawn together by a passion for whole grains, legumes, and seeds. We work together to accomplish our mission, and in doing so, foster an inter-connected environment that promotes healthy communities.

Tony and SusanTony Van Den Tillaart
The positive energy behind the philosophy of Fieldstone Granary, Tony embodies what it means to live a wholesome, healthy way of life. He is impassioned to bring the benefits of whole grains that he has experienced personally to a wide audience and is tireless in his efforts to connect people responsibly to local food sources. Tony operates a full-scale organic farm at our Mill location in Armstrong and is continually pioneering new methods and crops.


Willem RoellWillen  A strong advocate of living an organic way of life Willem has been instrumental in developing a vision and bringing the methods and infrastructure of organic farming to  BC. Always keen to try new methods and organic crops Willem not only grows grains, he also grows lambs, chickens and turkeys for organic markets. 




Paula SiddonsPaula Siddons
Paula is one of the founding employees of Fieldstone, providing excellent customer service to our bulk customers. As general manager Paula ensures efficiency and quality from the farmers through to the consumer. Paula's personal commitment to a wholesome, organic lifestyle provides a wealth of knowledge on whole grains, seeds and legumes.

ErinRuss Johnson
As Production Co-ordinator Russ works closely with our local growers to ensure that we are producing the crops to meet our customers needs. From supplying seed to planning crop receiving, scheduling production, quality control, storage and logistics, Russ keeps things organized and in place. Russ offers year round support to our local farmers and our production team.


Lee  Rosankoski
Lee is our 'go to' guy for everything from welding, fabricating to innovating.  Lee is always looking for new ways of improving our efficiencies and has the skill set to imagine it then build it. In addition to keeping us up and running Lee is happy to turn his hands to all elements of mill production, packaging and customer orders.


tanjaLaura Basaraba
Laura does an excellent job of looking after our accounting procedures.  Laura is also one of the friendly people you will talk to on the phone or meet in our General store.  Whether it's an phone order or a store order Laura's delightful customer service will leave you with a smile.

Gregg HalifaxGregg Halifax
Instrumental to our operation, Greg is the man that operates all our grain handling systems. More of an art than a science Greg skillfully manipulates the equipment to successfully clean, de-hull, mill and package our products.

Brad BrownBrad Goudge
Assisting in all elements of production, from mill production to packaging, warehouse and order picking and shipping.  Brad's thorough methods and pleasant personality enable us to maintain our exceptional level of service.

Barb MunroBarb Munro
Living a wholesome and organic way of life herself, Barb works with our wholesale customers, in our mill store and planning our events. Eager to share information about using our whole grains, legumes and seeds, Barb is happy to share her experience on using whole grains.