Our Philosophy

We are all integrally inter-connected and partnerships are the future. Food integrity comes from being part of and contributing responsibly along the whole supply chain: from producer to consumer.

We believe that sound environmental practices promote healthy communities. By being responsible stewards of our land we promote future sustainability and the health and welfare of future generations. Fieldstone's confidence in the quality of our food comes from knowledge of the source of all our local products. This is supported by adhering to stringent and sound Canadian Organic Regulations.

Overall, we seek to minimize the overall environmental impact in bringing products to our customers and we strive to re-build the connection between people their food and the land.

The mission of Fieldstone Organics' is to promote a healthy, wholesome organic way of life with our local food products by inter-connecting farmers, community and consumers, supporting long term sustainability.

In time, we hope Fieldstone organic whole grains and whole foods are consumed and enjoyed by millions of people, and that our business, our farmers and our communities are successful and thriving. We ensure the quality and purity of our products because we know the fields and the farmers we source them from. We truly are from 'Field to Fork'.

Guiding Principles

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Mentoring
  • Role-modeling (to customers and farmers)
  • Interconnectedness and inter-dependence
  • Win-Win thinking
  • What we say and what we do are the same
  • Attitude of service
  • We have a view of abundance
  • Accessibility - Fieldstone operation has an open door policy with all our stakeholders