A History of farming for change...

Our roots began back in the early 2000's with the cleaning and hulling of ancient spelt. The operation was setup as a local co-operative organization of enthusiastic growers & farmers on Tony Van Den Tillaart's Armstrong farm - the current site of today's Fieldstone Granary.

With time, three of the original co-op members plus another, formed Fieldstone Granary and began by purchasing some of the co-operative's equipment. Today, Willem Roell and Tony Van Den Tillaart are the active partners. Initially attracted by the immediate need for a local organic cleaning/dehulling facility for their own farming operations, Tony and Willem were determined to grow additive free, non-GMO healthy crops in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Eventually they were joined by other farmers - both large and small - that wished to grow organic ancient grains, seed, legumes and other food products in an earth friendly, sustainable way. Many of these co-op famers & members continue to grow products for Fieldstone today.

Being farmers for many years, Willem and Tony share the publics' growing concern about abuse of our farmland and the use of chemicals and GMO (genetically modified) products surfacing in our food supply. Willem and Tony see opportunities for growing a variety of organic crops in the Okanagan valley due to its favorable climate and relative isolation from contamination from other GMO crops. It is with this understanding that today they too encourage local farmers to adopt organically certified standards and to try new health conscious crops.

  Organic Whole Grains

Cleaning, dehulling and processing crops locally just makes sense for both the farmer and consumer. It lessens the environmental footprint, brings consumers, farmers and their food into closer contact with the land and lastly decreases the costly consumption of energy. We are dedicated to promoting a Win/Win/Win model for the consumer/farmers/and ourselves, in line with our overriding philosophy that everything is inter-connected and integral in life.

This is our story. Thanks for joining with us as we chart a course on into the future.