Sprouts are living food

Sprouted grains are much more digestible and nutritious.

  • Sprouts are 'living food’. The point of sprouting is to have the plant begin its growth. This activates the seed enzymes, converting starch to sugar, making the grain much more digestible and nutritious.
  • Sprouts are extremely nutritious because they are eaten at the plant's peak point with high concentrations of phyto-chemicals.
  • Please be aware that you should buy only organic seeds for sprouting. That way you avoid pesticides, herbicides, fumigants or fungicides. This makes Fieldstone whole grains and seeds perfect!
  • Sprouts provide fresh food in winter months. They can be grown indoors year round but are especially important for winter because they are a fresh live plant you can grow in your house.
  • Sprouts require very little space, they can be grown on a tray, in jars, bags, soil or clay.
  • There are many recipes in which sprouts can be used from soups to salads to breads/spreads.


How to sprout:
There is an excellent websites with information on how to sprout.:
How to Sprout

Sprouting Table

             Sprouting in a Jar                            Sprouted Spelt


Spelt - breads
Rye - breads and grass
Lentils - salads or as a steamed veggies
Peas - in stir fries, salads, or just steamed
Khorasan - wheat grass and breads
Soft wheat - cookies, crackers and snacks
Hard wheat - breads and snacks
Hulled Sunflowers - spreads, snacks and salads
Buckwheat - salads and juices
Wheat grass - Juices