We believe in the many benefits of organic products Here are just a few.

  • Grain Cleaning
  • Grain Sorting & Separating
  • Grain De-Hulling
  • Grain Milling (Animal Grade)

Actively Partnering with local producers



Operating out of Armstrong, British Columbia, we take in field grains, legumes, and seeds for cleaning, de-hulling, and separating and can package into a variety of sizes. With the ability to take either large or small custom orders, Fieldstone Organics can help get your product to market quickly, while still meeting Organic standards.

Grain Cleaning and Processing

Working together to your specifications for your success!

Grain cleaning in BC

Fieldstone's cleaning and hulling operation focuses on "success for our customer". In order to achieve this, we work closely with you to understand your specifications and needs and devise the best approach to your requirements. We continue to upgrade equipment and employ knowledgeable staff to meet and exceed expectations. We offer the ability to ship finished product in either bags, totes or free run via transport truck. All of our plant processes and operations are certified to stringent Canadian organic standards.

Our extensive capabilities include cleaning, separating and de-hulling cereals, pulses and specialty seed crops. To date we have worked successfully with spelt, emmer, hard red wheat, soft white wheat, Durum, Khorasan, oats, barley, rye, flax, lentils, sunflowers, buckwheat, peas and beans. Of note, we also market and export all of these crops. Our services include pre-screening, fine screening, sizing, air separation, gravity separation and de-stoning.

We can also custom mill animal grade food to coarse meal or fine flour specifications for use in ration or animal food products.

For a detailed quote or more specific information, please contact us by phone at 250.546.4558 or email manager@fieldstoneorganics.ca today!



Did you Know...

We also carry organic feed and seed. Check it out for yourself.