We believe in the many benefits of organic products Here are just a few.

Have Confidence In Quality Food

We all eat food and need it to survive. In order to maintain good health, our bodies require the right balance of nutrients, which is derived from the food we eat. Because of this, we believe that the first step to a healthy lifestyle is at the micro-level: consuming high quality, wholesome ingredients, that are free of toxins.

There's a reason everyone looks on at their grandmother's cooking with awe and admiration. In addition to years of earned experience in the kitchen, grandma also maintains a garden – giving it the proper care and concern it deserves, simply because she will be eating directly what it produces. Grandma understood the connection between the soil and the food it delivered to her and the importance of treating both with respect.

Heirloom Tomatoes Stuffed with Emmer

In the same way, many people are now re-discovering the secret that grandma figured out long ago. By sourcing out ingredients within the local marketplace that have not been treated with unhealthy amendments, people experience a confidence in the quality of their food. Supported by sound Canadian Organic Regulations, we are active contributors to this supply chain, connecting rural producers with urban eaters and effectively bridging the gap between the field and the fork.

Top Six Reasons To Go Organic & Canadian

Organic foods taste better
They're delicious

Organic food simply tastes better. When used in breads, soups and other recipes, organic grains shine with flavour.

Organic food has higher nutritional value
They supply the best nutritional value

Organic whole food is good food for you body. Not only will you be taking in more vitamins & minerals, you'll also be getting detoxifying antioxidants and other good things like that!

Organic grains are self-preserving
They are self preserving

Organic grains have lasted the test of time. Ancient Grains, for example, are some of the most resilient crops ever found. Because of this, you don't need to worry about preservatives.

Organic grains promote health and wellness
They promote health & wellness

When people eat organic products, they take an active step towards a lifestyle defined by health & wellness. You'll feel better, and your body will thank you!

Organic grains are free from toxins
Freedom from toxins

With organic grains, you get to enjoy food that is free from colourings, flavourings, harmful pesticides, GMO's, or other nasty additives. We let mother nature design our food.

Canadian organics means high standards
Canadian organics means high standards

The Canadian organic regime is one of the most rigorous and stringent in the world. It encompasses both purity and sustainability principles. In adhering to its standards you can have confidence that the food has indeed been raised in a truly organic and earth friendly, sustainable way.